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Carpet Cleaning Studio City is the Los Angeles premier destination for high-quality carpet cleaning solutions. No matter how dirty your carpet if with dirt, stains or odors, we will get it cleaned! For well over ten years, Carpet Cleaning Studio City have been offering the best cleaning solutions for our residential customers and business owners!


Carpet Cleaning Studio City


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It is highly recommended to have carpet cleaning done by a carpet cleaning professionally at least every two years or every year for homes that have allergy or asthma sufferers. It is important to have the cleaning done not only for their health but also for the health of everyone living in the home or working at your business.


There is so much dirt, pollutants, allergens and bugs that hide out deep within carpeting and upholstery. If it is not properly cleaned and removed, your carpeting can be a breeding ground for all living microorganisms that are there. Quite honestly, it is just not healthy to have unwanted bugs, allergens and other pollutants taking up unauthorized residence in your carpeting. Once, Carpet Cleaning Studio City thoroughly cleans your carpeting, your home or office will feel and smell so much cleaner, making it a much healthier environment for everyone.

Studio City Upholstery Cleaning Service

We are viewed as industry leaders when it comes to properly cleaning upholstery, too! We know how to handle every type of fabric and get it cleaned while preserving the fabric. Carpet Cleaning Studio City will not only thoroughly clean your upholstery, but we will bring out its color making it look like it is new once again.

  • Free Inspection and Affordable Pricing
  • Pre-Vacuum Upholstery for Removal of Loose Particles
  • Only Use Eco-Friendly Pre-Treatment Cleaners
  • Use Gentle Steam Injection – Vacuum System

Now, have you asked yourself why do you need a cleaner carpet even if it doesn’t look dirty? You have a pad under the carpeting that attracts all the dirt from the walking on the carpets and the dirt that gets on it. Within time, that dust or dirt becomes mildew and moisture, and the only two options are or to clean the carpets or to replace them. Replacing the carpet isn’t cheap, and the service isn’t needed. But cleaning your carpets needs to be done twice a year to help preserve the maximum perfection of the look of the carpets.


Studio City Upholstery Cleaning Service


Studio City Tile & Grout Cleaning Service

Many are not too thrilled about cleaning their tile and grout in their home because it can be a tough job that takes a lot of time. It is not at all easy to clean dirty grout lines or tile that has a layer upon layer of soil buried in the cracks and crevices of tile. It is a tough job for any homeowner to endure. This is why homeowners call Carpet Cleaning Studio City to have their tiles and grout cleaned by an industry leader!


There are a lot of different types of tile and grout, and not all of them can be cleaned the same way. In fact, what is good for ceramic and porcelain tile may very well be bad for marble and granite! It is hard for homeowners to know about the best methods to clean the different tiles effectively. Carpet Cleaning Studio City is experienced and knowledgeable when having to do with cleaning all sorts of tiles.

Why choose Carpet Cleaning Studio City for your Tile & Grout Cleaning Requirements?

  • We have the knowledge & experience of cleaning all sorts of tiles.
  • We use a powerful cleaning method delivering incredible cleaning.
  • We are cautious while cleaning, especially around the surrounding areas.
  • We will clean and seal your tile and grout with the most appropriate sealers.

Studio City Rug Cleaning Professionals

Your beautifully hand-knotted oriental or area rug is one of your most prized possessions, and we know that. Because of the special care needed to successfully clean your rug, we make sure our carpet cleaning technicians are properly trained to handle and clean all types of fibers of rugs.

Sherman Oaks Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Studio City is a 24 hour a day, seven days a week carpet restoration service providers. Cleaning carpets are our business and serving our customers is the real deal. We thrive to perfection when it comes to customer service.


We have the highest standards for keeping our customers happy and returning to us each time repair service is needed. When you experience the professional work of our technicians, you will never want to go elsewhere. Give Carpet Cleaning Studio City a call today because we will work for you and your business. We never settle for less, and our highly trained staff will provide you with the best service you’ll ever get, and that’s guaranteed. We occupy the right team with the right carpet cleaners locally in the beautiful city of ours.


Carpet Cleaning Studio City is the Los Angeles leading company providing high-quality carpet cleaning and all other cleaning solutions to homeowners and business owners. We will work on your schedule and book an appointment will give you a free, no obligation estimate.

Cleaning Carpets


If you choose to have the cleaning done, we will go ahead and clean exactly what you want to be cleaned. Our prices are very affordable, and you will be quite impressed with our work! For more information or to schedule your appointment for a free estimate, give Carpet Cleaning Studio City a call at (747) 221-7506, today.

We provide carpet cleaning in Studio City in the following zip codes :

91602, 91604, 91607, 91614
  • Carpet Cleaning Studio City
  • 3759 Cahuenga Blvd. West
  • Studio City, CA 91604
  • (747) 221-7506

April 2020

Carpet Cleaning Studio City

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Carpet cleaning Studio city provides the following services.

  • Tile and Grout
  • Stone Restoration
  • Area Rug Restoring
  • Carpet Steam Clean
  • Carpet Installation
  • Air Duct Cleaners
  • Mattress Clean
  • 2 Hour Dry Service
  • Water Damage Remediation
  • Rug Pickup and Delivery

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